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Structural Health Monitoring

Sense, Acquire, and Constantly Monitor to maintain Structural Integrity throughout time

Aerospace & Defence

Worked with multiple wings of Indian Defense including Indian navy & air-force


Maintenance to end of assembly line testing . Plant energy monitoring to Industrial Automation. We have done it all!

Heavy Engineering

Have provided a wide range of systems including HMIs & PLC’s to further the industry.

Oil & Gas

Some of our biggest projects have been deployed in the oil & gas Industry.


We have a prolific past spanning more than a decade in space Industry.

Research & Development

We have been Instrumental for various R & D facilities, deploying various projects.

Energy Monitoring

The ultimate goal is to reduce energy costs through improved energy efficiency and energy management control.

Electrical meters provide measurements of consumption for most electrical components of a data center; with the right data sets, intelligent software can go one step further and uncover what physical measurements won’t tell you. Load demand periodicity, deviation from operational baseline and expected behavior, signs of equipment failure, accurate Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) variations and other key data center performance metrics are examples of insights that will be invaluable when deciding to balance processes and energy.

Gaurav Rajput

Site Engineer

He has an experience of more than 3 years, working on products like  PLC, SCADA, HMI and EMS. He has worked on multiple PLC based Projects, Solar Energy Monitoring Systems, and various other projects.

Precise Information

Analytics, Alerts & reports

User Friendly Dashboard

Secure, highly scalable platform

Cost Allocation

Demand & Power factor control

Power Quality & Reliable Analysis

Automotive Energy Monitoring

Automotive Energy Monitoring

The Client, an American Multinational Automaker, needs need an application that can be accessible through internet to calculate area-wise energy spend, to visualize the status and controlling of all breakers and also alert functionality which can provide whole day energy consumption notification to area managers.

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Solar Energy Monitoring System

Solar Monitoring System

Optimized solutions has designed a Solar Energy Monitoring System which can be efficient and reliable.

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Manufacturing Energy Monitoring

Manufacturing Energy Monitoring

Learn how we helped one of the leading electrical manufacturers manage their energy consumption.

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Wireless EMS

Wireless EMS

We had to fetch and store data of energy meters for each day and to save the data in the server in order to analyze the power consumption further.

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Adani Power

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