Energy plays a vital role for any country’s technological as well as economic growth, as many consumption and production activities involve energy as a basic input with India’s energy consumption expected to get doubled by 2040, which will account for one-fourth of global increase in that same period. When the process is planned in such a way that it includes energy saving methods, monitoring, and controlling the energy utilization and conserving the energy through certain strategies it is termed as energy management.

Need of an energy management system?
  • The energy costs can be improved through energy conservation methods.
  • The recent trends and events of an installed system can be recorded to find out the root cause for the analysis of a problem.
  • Data acquisition can be easily analysed for effective analysis.

Optimized Solutions Limited is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for IIOT nodes and gateways and a leading provider for an energy monitoring system. Our smart wireless nodes can monitor the energy systems up to 65 energy parameters. Out of which few of them are:

  • Class 0.2 accuracy
  • Rugged & lightweight
  • Hassle free Installation and Commissioning
  • Root cause identification through individual Harmonic Measurement.
  • 2.4 GHz ISM Band ZigBee® Wireless Radio
  • Fully Secure 128-bit AES Encryption and much more…

Moreover, our smart energy monitoring gateways at a time can publish energy data of 30 connected nodes on Wi-Fi / Ethernet or 6 connected nodes if connected using GSM / GPRS hence providing more compatibility, speed, and robustness.