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Structural Health Monitoring

Sense, Acquire, and Constantly Monitor to maintain Structural Integrity throughout time

Aerospace & Defence

Worked with multiple wings of Indian Defense including Indian navy & air-force


Maintenance to end of assembly line testing . Plant energy monitoring to Industrial Automation. We have done it all!

Heavy Engineering

Have provided a wide range of systems including HMIs & PLC’s to further the industry.

Oil & Gas

Some of our biggest projects have been deployed in the oil & gas Industry.


We have a prolific past spanning more than a decade in space Industry.

Research & Development

We have been Instrumental for various R & D facilities, deploying various projects.


We empower Automotive companies or companies who create or manufacture critical electronic or electro-mechanical components, assemblies, and subsystems to unleash their potential and focus on what you do best by using our decade-long expertise and experience in building Automation, Test & Measurement or Monitoring solutions for the industry leaders.

We can help in providing customized turnkey test solutions by using Modular hardware and Software based architecture right from Design to End of Line test.

ECU Testing

BCM Validation

Braking Systems

RF Based Test

HVAC Airflow testing

Air flow measurement

Air flow measurement

We helped a client test their car’s interiors, specifically the Air Conditioning system.

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Hand Held Wheel end tester

Wheel end tester hand held

Optimized Solutions developed a handheld, light weight and rugged customized product, built to the customer’s specifications.

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Pressure Control Valve Testing

PCV Valve Test

End of Line Manufacturing Hand-held testing device, developed by Optimized Solutions.

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Automotive Energy Monitoring

Automotive Energy Monitoring

The Client needed an application, accessible through internet to calculate area-wise energy spend, to view & control breakers, and which can provide energy consumption notification to area managers.

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Tyre Bead Testing

Tyre Bead Testing

Read about our Vision based system, developed for the measurement of bead for Tyre bead-rubber strip.

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Wheel End Tester

Wheel Tester

Read about our GUI enabled test system that can be used for EOL testing. Can test parameters like wheel speed, healthiness of the pickup sensor, axial alignment, and status parameters for each teeth of the wheel.

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