India currently ranks 5th in the global automotive market with about 717 thousand units of commercial vehicle sales in the year 2020 and is expected to become the third largest in terms of volume in the global automotive market by 2026. Dominating the two-wheeler segment, the dynamics of the market has changed with country like Japan losing its ground to the Indian counterparts.

The backend mechanism behind any product is very important. A vehicle undergoes number of processes before a final product is launched. All these processes are interdependent. For instance, if the invention process is properly executed in terms of market research, competitive assessment, budget, pricing etc.. then only proper design management can be initiated, which includes concurrency with the design for engineering development leading to manufacturing which includes stamping, steel metal, painting and assembly and later concluding the marketing strategy, logistics planning for the launch.

Optimized Solutions Limited is a Tier 2 supplier and is actively contributing to the automotive sector and aims to offer services such as:

  • Developing customized products such as automated test equipment (ATE) to automate the existing product.
  • Working for product engineering services with our Hand-held wheel-end tester to improve the current condition of the wheels.
  • Collaborating with our vendors by providing extended support in R & D design activities hence, improving the existing product development.
  • Digitizing the plant with our unique IIoT, Nodes and Gateways solutions.
  • Application development for controlling services such as infotainment system and another interior exterior functionality.