Indian Aerospace industry is constantly growing significantly with continuous activities from both defence and civil aviation sector. Aerospace is the chief industry to bolster the Defence sector. Moreover, the Indian aerospace & defence (A&D) market is projected to reach ~US$ 70 billion by 2030, driven by the burgeoning demand for advanced infrastructure and government thrust. The future of aerospace manufacturing process and plant solutions will be bought in with effective governance for the development of military equipment, production of space crafts and commercial military and private aircrafts.

We at Optimized Solutions, aim at providing the best solutions for all kinds of communication systems, advanced electronics and embedded development, automotive assembly systems and semiconductors that is a part of aerospace and defence. The vision of our R&D department aims to align with the increasing growth in the aero and defence sector with a spree.

  • Embedded Development
  • Aircraft Equipment Testing
  • Semiconductor assembly units