The Internet Of The 21st Century

What is the internet of things (IOT)?
Imagine being able to turn the oven (thing) on 20 minutes before you get home so it’s ready to start cooking, or taking a quick remote peek into your fridge, cupboards or bread bin to see if you need anything at the supermarket, or being able to monitor the status of your industry on your phone, while you're at a business conference. The Internet of Things is a scenario in which objects, animals or people are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

How does the IoT work?
First, there’s the underlying technology, the various wireless radios that allow these devices to connect to the Internet and to each other. These include more familiar standards like Wi-Fi, low-energy Bluetooth, NFC and RFID, and some that you’ve probably haven’t heard of, like ZigBee, Z-Wave and 6LoWPAN. Then there are the things themselves, whether they’re motion sensors, door locks or light bulbs. In some cases, there may also be a central hub that allows different devices to connect to one another. Finally, there are cloud services, which enable the collection and analysis of data so people can see what’s going on and take action via their mobile apps.

Optimized Solutions Fact File

By 2020, a quarter of a billion vehicles will be connected to the Internet, giving us completely new possibilities for in-vehicle services and automated driving. Google’s self-driving cars currently average about 10,000 autonomous miles per week.

Optimized Solutions Products Connect You To IOT

Optimised Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers you a plethora of IoT devices that help you exchange data between your devices and connect to the internet through mediums like Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Zigbee (connects everyday devices such as home devices to monitor temperature, lights, plumbing, smoke, intruders etc.).

These can be monitored and controlled wirelessly. You can now learn to take control of energy management, home management, web services, monitoring systems and more, through the incorporation of IoT into your everyday life and business through our systems and business products.

Optimized Solutions Case File

Logitrac offers GPS-based tracking and asset management solutions on a global scale for a wide range of industries and applications. These include transportation, fleet management, construction, as well as the consumer market.

It gives customers accurate and timely information—ranging from equipment management and maintenance alerts to monitoring teens for bad driving habits and unauthorized vehicle use. Logitrac relies on Control Center automation rules and alerts to monitor high usage of devices and keep costs down by closely monitoring and adjusting data usage and changing rate plans to find the best fit for each application.

Optimized Solutions Products And Services

Optimised Solutions Pvt. Ltd. gives you world class products and services to make sure you are up to date with the 21st century information technology revolution.

OPTIMIZED SOLUTIONS Energy Management System Node

This EMS node measures energy parameters of energy products inc. such as voltage, current, energy, and frequency. The EMS node also has quality parameters that are connected to the Cloud infrastructure every minute so that you can be updated with your devices through your phone or computer through the Zigbee network.

The nodes transmit input to web servers that are connected to the Cloud, which is in turn accessible from your phone or computer. This product can be used to integrate your home or office devices, so as to help you monitor energy levels and voltage fluctuations which can help you conserve as well as utilise power efficiently.

OPTIMIZED SOLUTIONS Energy Management System Hub

The EMS Hub publishes the data that is measured and collected by the EMS Nodes (an OPTIMIZED SOLUTIONS IoT product) to the Cloud through Zigbee. It can be connected to 6 nodes at a time and stores data of all the connected nodes for up to 15 days.


OPTIMIZED SOLUTIONS enables users to access their devices, monitor them and interpret data with ease. It represents data measured by the Nodes in graphic and tabular forms, as well as through reports that can be easily understood and interpreted by the user. Users can set standards or limits on all the parameters, and will be alerted on hourly/daily/weekly/ monthly/yearly or alarm-based intervals through emails and messages.


This product allows users to monitor up to 10 devices, measuring weather data, technical flaws, energy consumption, quality control and more, which helps users to utilize their devices to the maximum extent

OPTIMIZED SOLUTIONS Retail Monitoring Systems

OPTIMIZED SOLUTIONS products extend to retail businesses as its monitoring systems help businesses become more customer-friendly, reduce costs and helps in monitoring efficiency, progress, breaks and more of the workers and maximizes capitalization of labor.

IOT connecting retail businesses with Cloud accessible with your phone or laptop

Optimized Solutions provides you with connectivity to your own devices and the World Wide Web. We also provide you with automation, products and services to ensure that your business and home runs smoothly.


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