The seed of our organization was sowed on 3rd of March, 2005, when we laid the foundation of Optimized Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The purpose of our organization still is to offer the services of electrical panel satisfying the international quality standards

We started with a team of young and ambitious engineers who had set out to establish themselves in a market which was fiercely competitive. During these years, we had the distributorship of only a few test and measurement instruments. It is said that hard work never goes in vain and we have witnessed the same. We worked together as a team, built solid relationships with our members, whose conviction and involvement extended beyond mere official meetings and discussions.

We shared a bond that helped us worked harder. Our team was dedicated, goal oriented, with an aim of making ourselves well established in the industry. The efforts, the perseverance and the enthusiasm of the team towards our goal helped us transform into a strong and well-established organization in the coming years. The seed had now risen from the soil of the energy industry and was prepared to embark on its journey towards becoming a tree.

With the zeal towards work, and an ambition to grow and achieve our goals, we learned and developed ourselves into a skilled and fine-tuned organization. Over the years, we grew and became in experience and expertise by contributing to organizations and industries. Today, we have a huge portfolio of Test & Measurement Instruments, Data Acquisition Systems & software and hardware-based intricate Automation Systems and Tools.

Over the years, we have established ourselves in the markets of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, along with Gujarat. Our clientèle extends from Gujarat to the Middle East, and all the way to the US. We majorly provide services to many defence organizations, Research & Development institutions, Industrial Sectors and Educational Institutions in these states.

With the hardwork and dedication of our team, we have achieved our targets and grown into a strong and well established organization. With newer and more profound avenues of exploration being tread each and every day, Optimized Solutions has geared itself to invest in entire paradigm shifts rather than mere changes.


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