Electrical Test

The Equipment in the realm of electrical testing are essentially those which are used to measure and monitor differences and faults in devices and machinery as far as electrical wiring and circuitry is concerned.

Some of the main Equipment that are a part of this particular range of equipment include the following:

Clamp Meters

An electrical meter with integral AC current clamp is known as a clamp meter, clamp-on ammeter or tong tester. A clamp meter measures the vector sum of the currents flowing in all the conductors passing through the probe, which depends on the phase relationship of the currents.


  • Fluke 302+/ 303/ 305/ 317/ 319/ 362 Clamp meter
  • Fluke 323/ 324/325 True-rms Clamp meter
  • Fluke 771/ 772/ 773 milliamp process Clamp meter
  • Fluke 373/ 374/ 375 True-rms AC/DC Clamp meter with/without iFlexTM
  • Fluke 381 Remote display true-rms AC/DC Clamp meter with iFlexTM
  • Fluke 353/ 355 True-rms 2000 A Clamp meter
  • Fluke 360 AC Leakage Current Clamp meter
  • Fluke 368 True-rms Leakage current Clamp meter

Voltage testers

It is a simple piece of electric test equipment used to determine the presence or absence of an electric voltage (usually alternating current (AC) ) in a piece of equipment under test. Our portfolio contains contact to non-contact voltage testers.


  • VoltAlertTM Family products : Fluke 1AC , 2AC
  • Fluke T5-1000 Voltage, Continuity and Current Tester
  • Socket Master Testers

Optimized Solutions excels in the field of automation owing to the large group of engineers who are a part of the team. We are responsible for supplying PLCs, PACs, Electrical Control Panels, Sensors, and SCADA, which is manufactured by one of the most renowned names in the industry, Schneider Electric. The SCADA software is configured according to the requirements of the user, along with hardware requirements for industrial or plant automation.


Scheider Electric

    • Modicon premium
    • Modicon M340
    • Modicon M580- ePac controller
    • Modicon X80 I/Os
    • Modicon Quantum; and more


Schneider Electric

    • Modicon M238, M258
    • Modicon M221, 241, 251
    • Modicon LMC058/ LMC078
    • Zelio logic
    • Modicon M171/ M172
    • Modicon M168, and more

Power and Energy Monitoring

Schneider Electric

    • Advanced utility metering: PowerLogic ION8800, ION8650
    • Advanced metering: PowerLogic CM4000T, PowerLogic ION7550/ ION7650
    • Intermediate Metering: PM8000 series
    • Basic multi-functional metering: PowerLogic PM5000/ PM3000 series, PowerLogic ION6200, PowerLogic EM4300/ WT4200, PowerLogic EM4200 series Enercept
    • Communications: PowerLogic EGX100/ EGX300, Enerlin'X Com'X, PowerLogic ION7550 RTU, PowerLogic G3200
    • Utility feeder meters: PowerLogic ION7400
    • Basic Energy meter: PowerLogic E5600, Enercept, PowerTag, Acti 9 iME, Acti 9 iEM2000/ 3000


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