Automated Testing Overview

Meta: Learn about the wide range of Automated Testing services available at Optimized Solutions, which are used in Space Research testing to Compressors and Pumps

Optimized Solutions specializes in the fields of Data Acquisition and Automation of the testing process and provides intricate output in various industries ranging from Space and Plasma research to compressors and pumps.

Our client base includes the Department of Space, Department of Atomic Energy, Physical Research Institute, various private research institutes, and numerous heavy electrical and manufacturing industries.

We believe testing is very important for any critical project or research. Out of all automation testing companies, we have a distinctive way of working and have a large range of test automation service offerings. Top-loading capacity or performance evaluation or data acquisition during a research project or during an ongoing/implemented project are critical and dynamic elements of function.

We at Optimized Solutions have mastered automated testing services with minimum human intervention; eradicating any chances of human errors. We believe that Automated Testing is a much needed asset in the present digital era of the precision and constant progression. Some of the major advantages of the Automated Testing facility is that it can be used to find out all the faults in a device or system at peak load capacity, accuracy and precision of the output of said device or system.

. This can be extremely helpful as far as reducing the cost in case of future failures and finding out fault conditions based on adaptive learning of past tests. Optimized Solutions also provides detailed test results in a consumable format for further analysis and for future use, which helps clients in assessing the same from a technical point of view. These tests not only help in conducting a project in a precise and efficient manner, but also reduce the overall turnaround time to a considerable degree.


For any object or apparatus or equipment, there could be two types of testing that can be performed.

Learn about what ATE is and how efficiency can be increased while controlling costs using Automated Testing equipment for various industries.


Optimized Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a Gold Alliance Partner of National Instruments.

OS specializes in ATE for Home Automation, Performance and Load Testing in industrial, research programs & residential automation projects.


Apart from this, we have also catered to some MSME channel partners.

Read about some of the major clients for whom Optimized Solutions has provided ATE facilities, from Ingeroll Rand to several MSME channel partners.


Business case studies are powerful representations of how a project was undertaken and successfully completed.

Gain a keen insight into the functioning and problem-solving approach of Optimized Solutions in Automated Testing for systems of HFF, IR, and IRNSS.


Optimized Solutions utilizes its alliance of industry leaders in automation like National Instruments and Tektronix.

About automation solutions provided by Optimized Systems by working with companies like National Instruments, Schnieder, Keithley, Fluke, and Tektronix.


Optimized Solutions provides Technical Support for various industrial and software automation needs.

Learn about the technical support services provided by Optimized Solutions for companies and organizations, in automated testing and associated realms.


Some of the main problems that arise in industries is almost related to obtaining post-automation solutions.

Learn about the business alliance partners of OS for ATE solutions, such as National Instruments, Schneider Electric, Fluke, Tektronix, & Keithley


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