Meta: Learn about the technical support services provided by Optimized Solutions for companies and organizations, in automated testing and associated realms

Optimized Solutions provides Technical Support for various industrial and software automation needs. Technical support services provided by Optimized Solutions are not limited to setting up the right Automated Testing Equipment for the needs of the clients.

Optimized Solutions even provides training to the individuals operating the equipment so that the systems in consideration can be used to the maximum capacity to provide the best solutions.

Optimized Solutions provides help and support to all clients as and when they need, so as to capitalize on the maximum utilization of the installed Automated Testing Systems. Optimized Solutions also provides guidance and support to prospective clients to provide them with an idea of what an Automated Testing System is, and how and to what extent it would benefit their business.

Solutions also provides technical guidance when it comes to the clients' software development and upgrading needs, as and when required.

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The Indian Industrial Automation industry is expected to reach a worth of INR 197 billion by 2020 with increased rates of growth driven by the rapid adoption of modern technology backed by cost saving features.

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For detailed advice on all your automation needs, feel free to contact the technical support team at Optimized Solutions. Alternatively, you can also try the online product advisor on the National Instruments website.


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