Read about some of the major clients for whom Optimized Solutions has provided ATE facilities, from Ingeroll Rand to several other industries.

The Client base of OSPL

We are happy to have really diverse and strong private sector and government research institutes as an integral part of our client base.

Over the years we have had the distinct privilege of working with some of the best-known and prestigious organizations of India. This has not only broadened our horizon but also has also given us a new perspective through which we can look at our work.

We strive to work with same diligence & precision and are constantly looking forward to expanding our technical experience into numerous unexplored areas of research and manufacturing.

Optimized Solutions has provided excellent and promising solutions in the fields of Automated Testing Solutions across a wide spectrum of Industrial and Research client bases. We have an extensive Automation Portfolio under our belt, which is intricate enough for enabling the provision of tailor-made and best-in-class services for application, manufacturing and research areas and elements.

We believe in technology simplified. We make our work look easy by providing convenient and understandable solutions to our clients. We go one step further and allow our clients to gain an extra glimpse into the technical elements of automation testing, including the provision of simplified explanations for even the most technical elements.

Our solutions are simple in design for easy understanding and can be replicated for further usage if handled properly. We use systems and platforms such as NI PXIe, LabVIEW real-time, LabVIEW FPGA and other systems, which makes our solutions accurate, reliable, powerful, flexible and modular.

Optimized Solutions is known for providing intuitive solutions to their clients. Our long history of developing high-performance real-time control and data acquisition systems, having a close relationship with National Instruments, and in-depth knowledge of NI real-time hardware and software platforms has helped us deliver advanced, powerful, flexible, and user-friendly systems that adhere to all HHF test facility software standards.

Adopting such a system significantly reduces human error and efforts during testing and provides safety in hazardous environments. We always deploy alarm systems for double safety as far as man power and device are concerned.

Our systems are suitable for any environment that can withstand extreme temperatures. Our software and other instruments are completely customizable and hence, offer our clients the chance to avail the freedom of integrating them in any system or process that the company or organization considers as its standard working procedure.


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