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Meta: Gain a keen insight into the functioning and problem-solving approach of Optimized Solutions in Automated Testing for companies like HFF, IR, and IRNSS.

Business case studies are powerful representations of how a project was undertaken and successfully completed. Optimized Solutions has also successfully set up Automated Test Systems in various manufacturing and testing industries like ABB, IR, IRNSS, L&T, Xytem (Middle East), and HHF.

The following is a glimpse into the business case studies of a few prominent projects successfully completed by OSPL.

Automation Case at IR industries: Solution for automated testing for Compressor Manufacturing and Testing Industries

The compressor test facility can be operated with different openings or capacities. Each opening is provided with defined flow meters, torque meters, suction & discharge pressure gauges, and vibration & sound sensors for each channel in a module.

The host application software provides an intuitive user interface to conduct the tests on compressor ranges, from 450 KW to 1600 KW. It communicates and instructs real time operating system of the cRIO hardware to acquire measurement data and to regulate field devices as per the system requirements. A CCTV system is installed for online viewing of test bed and the selection of appropriate sensors in the software.

The Compressor Test facility software generates the performance report and the sample calculation reports at the end of testing for the end user to see the exact calculations. The software compares the performance report with different compressor standards for accepted rejection criteria.

Automation Case at HFF industries: Solution to the automation of High Power Electron Beam System

This High Heat Flux test facility uses a High Power Electron beam (EB) system. The HHF test facility is made up of various subsystems, but the most important subsystem is the High Power Electron beam gun.

Before operating the gun, the vacuum pumping system should be properly functional, cooling systems should be operational, and the air-compressor pressure should be regulated and controlled. The solution designed by Optimized Solutions to automate the entire testing facility for deterministic control was the LabVIEW Software. This provided real-time modules & FPGA modules with real-time data logging using the NI PXIe Systems.

The FPGA based system communicates with the safety interlocks to display the interlocking status. It communicates with the IR Camera to sense the temperature of targets on which beam strikes. It also communicates with the Residual Gas Analyzer and controls the Electronic beam system.

Automation Case at IRNSS: Developing ATS which can acquire, record, and analyze received signals from IRNSS for authenticated users

The Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) is an autonomous regional satellite navigation system being developed by the Indian Space Research Organization, which would be under complete control of the Indian government. Optimized Solutions successfully developed a completely Automated Testing System as per the requirements of the IRNSS.

The IRNSS required an Automated Test System which could acquire, record, and analyze received signal from satellites for authenticated users, under 2 different conditions. The requirements involved the point that acquiring, recording, and analyzing data should be automated, when the start command from the antenna system is received and continued until it gets a stop command.

It should also be able to acquire, record, and analyze data for a user-defined period after it receives the start command from the antenna system. The system should be able to acquire either IQ data or RAW data as per the requirements of the user. The system should also be able to demodulate interspersed modulated data, which is a combination of BOC and BPSK signal.


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