Meta: Optimized Solutions specializes in ATE for Home Automation, Performance Testing and Load Testing in industrial, research programs & residential automation projects

Optimized Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a Gold Alliance Partner of National Instruments. We have been working with National Instruments for over a decade now, since 2005 and have completed several behemoth and challenging projects.

We are defined by a team of professionals who are trained thoroughly as far as the technicalities and utility of the products of National Instruments is concerned, at different levels in the domains of System Integration and Software Development.

Optimized Solutions majorly focuses on the fields of Data Acquisition, Automation and Generation, along with other Industrial Automation Applications in various defense and research undertakings of the Government.

Our Specialization

We specialize majorly in the realm of Home Automation, Performance Testing and Load Testing. Optimized Solutions consists of a team of 40+ engineers from the domains of Electrical, Instrumentation and Electronics. We bring our experience into all these domains with the effective use of technology to provide you with effective solutions for all your needs.

At Optimized Solutions we use the best of our technological prowess to provide you with curated solutions by adopting flawless execution and process steps. We use SAP for planning, LabVIEW for Data Acquisition, VijeoCitect for SCADA, Codesys as Automation platform, e-Plan for Electrical designing and various such industry leading tools to ensure that only the best outcome is delivered at all costs.

Load Testing & Performance Testing

Load Testing is a procedure in which the subject is provided with a heavy load (upper capacity) to measure its performance under normal conditions and during peak load conditions. In simple terms Load Testing can be done for a human being by providing various tasks for checking his/her strength and capacity of handling those tasks.

It can also be done by subjecting an electrical resistance with a heavy load of voltage difference to test the capacity of a circuit.Performance Testing is a process to determine the speed, accuracy and effectiveness of a device or a program or an algorithm.

We at Optimized Solutions are masters in conducting performance testing of various equipment and processes as mentioned below:

  • SWIR Detector Head with Camera link interface Development (Space Application Centre, Ahmedabad)
  • IRNSS Record and Playback System (Space Application Centre, Ahmedabad)
  • DAC and Control System for LCU of ICH & CD Source (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor- India)
  • DAC of High Heat Test Facility (Institute for Plasma Research Gandhinagar)
  • Data Acquisition and Control Hardware with Test Software for LVPD (IPR- Gandhinagar)
  • Motor Test Facility
  • Generator Test Facility
  • Centrifugal Pump Test Facility Automation
  • Pressboard line Automation
  • Straker - Reclaimer Automation
  • Visible Light detector characterization
  • PV Solar power project automation and remote monitoring
  • Booster Pump Automation


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