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Meta: Learn about the business alliance partners of Optimized Solutions for ATE solutions, such as National Instruments, Schneider Electric, Fluke, Tektronix, & Keithley Problems in the automation Industry

Some of the main problems that arise in industries and businesses are almost always related to obtaining post-automation solutions. Problems arise due to lack of training and exposure of employees to the Automated System Testing Equipment.

Lack of adequate training for the employees working with ATE often results in less than optimum solutions to the automation problems in industries. Firmware and software updates offer more optimum ways of handling problems, but due to non-availability of training, the industries seldom capitalize on the upgrades.

The power of the Automated Testing Modules and Equipment is more often than not, hindered by the lack of training and expertise of the individuals controlling the Human Machine Interface (HMI).

Solutions provided by Optimized Solutions

By partnering with different companies and manufacturers, Optimized Solutions provides automation solutions for businesses and industries across various sectors. The alliances that Optimized Solutions has formed help in providing powerful solutions to organizations and companies, as far as training and technical implementation is concerned.

Optimized Solutions is closely integrated with National Instruments (NI) for provide automation solutions for business and industrial testing, as well as software testing. Optimized Solutions expertly employs automation equipment manufactured by Schneider Electric like PLCs, PACs, SCADA (HMI) etc.

We are experts when it comes to automated testing equipment modules manufactured by Fluke, Tektronix, Keithley, APC, Leica, Weller, Stanley Black and Decker, and Acuity Laser. Optimized Solutions has a team of engineers trained and certified at different levels by NI and are proficient with the ATE components.

Manufactured by NI to provide solutions for system integration and software development. Optimized Solutions specializes in the fields of data acquisition, automation and generation in various private, government, defence, and research centres.

Optimized Solutions Fact File

There are only thirty National Instruments Alliance technology partners across India, of which, only two are Gold Alliance Partners. Optimized Solutions is one of the two National Instruments Gold Alliance Partners in India.

Case File

One of the most interesting cases till now involved the development of an ATE system for IRNSS (Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System) which could acquire, record, and analyze received signals from IRNSS for authenticated users.

The purpose was to start acquiring, recording, and analyzing data when it gets start command from the antenna system was released and continue until the system recieves a stop command. The system should be able to acquire either IQ data or RAW data as per the requirements of the user. The project was a huge success in the realm of automated testing.


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